HySchools Resources

These classroom resources have been designed to support the teaching of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology. They are designed to allow differentiation and be adaptable based on the subject and the age and ability of the students.

The teaching of Hydrogen has been broken down into 11 key topics. The resources in each topic have been carefully compiled by industry and university experts and educators across Europe to ensure the key knowledge is covered.

Innovative co-production teaching method – ‘IDCards’

The HySchools resources available on this platform (below) cover the main areas of knowledge related to Hydrogen energy. In addition to theoretical knowledge, students are required to build and implement various transversal competencies, to increase their autonomy and resilience in their learning and their lives.

The IDCards method supports teachers and trainers in co-designing a learning session in such a way that students can explore, discover and learn about the selected field within curriculum guidelines. It aims to support the production of innovative teaching by encouraging the integration of four pedagogical dimensions: "Learning event", "Final product", "Transversal competencies" and "Areas of knowledge".

The IDCards method was developed by Dr Stéphanie Fleck - Associated Professor at Université de Lorraine (France).

Resources guide

  • Teacher Guide – This includes a succinct overview of the topic, designed to give teachers and educators a summary of the subject. These guides also include links to useful videos that can be used interactively as part of the lesson.

  • Student PowerPoint – These PowerPoints have been designed ready to be delivered to a whole class, and can be differentiated based on age, ability and relevance. The presentations have been developed to engage the students, and include bite-size activities or discussion points.

  • Interactive Quizzes – To assess student understanding in a fun and engaging way.

  • Student Tasks – Separate student tasks, which can be completed by students in groups to further their understanding of the topic.

  • Additional Teacher Resources – Finally, there is a range of additional resources, including PowerPoints that cover the topic in more detail, ideal for making the content more challenging for older or higher ability students, and policy and industry documents and reports, which can be used to give real-life context to the topics.



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Risk Management




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